Leapfrog Media has put a lot of thought behind the four main SEO Australia packages offered. Not only will one of these packages fit your business model, but it will cover everything needed to help you reach your marketing goals. In structuring these packages, Leapfrog Media wanted to achieve three objectives. Let’s share with you what those objectives are.


We want our SEO packages to cover every type of industry

Our team of SEO experts hold to the belief that every type of company can benefit from some form of online marketing in Australia. Our packages reflect this belief in that each one covers a specific element pertaining to its relevant industry. If there’s a particular marketing need not covered here, we want you to notify us of it.


Our SEO packages are tailored for Australian businesses

When we developed these affordable online marketing packages, we kept Australian trends in mind. Leapfrog Media have made a point of recognising local SEO statistics as a means to keep our packages relevant. This means that your Australian based business will benefit from any of the SEO packages you choose. We place great emphasis on local relevancy and make it our business to keep up to date with the latest Australian trends.


Every package is intelligently designed to be affordable

Yes, this is an important characteristic of our packages. They have been created to work well within your budget. We figure: the more customers we get, the more experience we gain; and the more experience we gain, the more you benefit. As we grow, so do our benefits. But our prices remain reasonable so that the majority of Australian businesses can afford to implement SEO into their respective structures.


Ready to see our packages? Click one of the following to get an idea of what we can offer you:


Note that all of our SEO packages will render your website responsive to the latest Google updates. Whenever new algorithm updates are initialised, Leapfrog Media will be made aware and update your website accordingly.