Here’s something you may not know: 97% of internet users will search for a local business via their favorite search engine. Of that massive number, a whopping 80% will actually visit the business they found within 24 hours of the initial search. Are you capitalising on these facts—or are your competitors?

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Leapfrog Media has developed an affordable local SEO package that encompasses all the necessary components to compete in your area. Australia is wildly competitive and your company needs that competitive edge to survive. Working together with Google’s new location-based algorithms, we have come up with multiple strategies that enhance your website’s local visibility.


When you join our local membership, your website will undergo a very elaborate setup process. This includes processes such as local listings on the web, on-page web optimisation and regular content marketing. All these processes are specifically directed at getting you noticed by potential customers in your area. In addition to local optimisation, Leapfrog Media will also provide you with an account manager who will update you with a progress report every two weeks.


If your company is focused on Australian clientele, we will optimise your website and brand for the whole of Australia. However, if you want to focus on a particular area within Australia, we are able to narrow your visibility exclusively to that area. The more focused your optimisation, the quicker you will get customers flocking to your business.


The best part about Leapfrog Media’s local SEO package is that it’s affordable. Because we are focusing on the specific Australian area you want to be found in, the cost is relatively lower than international optimisation. Why bother with companies that ONLY offer international SEO services in Australia? Instead, opt for our local SEO package which is a fraction of the price.

Our Local SEO packages are designed to help businesses targeting customers within a particular area.

If you are aiming to increase local awareness of your brand and services, then our local package is the ideal choice for an effective marketing strategy that is made to convert your online presence to more sales and growth for your company. Leapfrog Media will target the 5 most relevant local keywords for your company, and the rest will follow.

  • 5 keywords targeted for your local business
    • Leapfrog Media only uses the most relevant keywords whilst making sure that we abide by the rules and prevent unwanted penalties.
  • Onsite optimisation via effective use of keywords, H1 headers, meta descriptions and everything that defines a well optimised website
  • High-quality local content
    • We will provide you with only top-quality content with 100% correct spelling, grammar, and originality, which are all essential in building an attractive, interesting, and convincing website.
  • Effective backlinks
    • Backlinks are like votes that connect to your site, and Leapfrog specialises in creating and building “white hat” effective ones that are proven to be vital in building and increasing online presence.