Before the internet—and particularly before Facebook—many companies relied on word of mouth advertising. Guess what; nothing’s changed. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways of advertising. However, the way word of mouth takes place HAS changed. Social media interaction is just as prevalent—if not more so—than face to face interaction.


Are you taking advantage of online word-of-mouth?

The reason why marketers emphasise the importance of social media marketing is because it has proven highly effective over the years. Many experts have gone as far as saying that if you’re not on a social media platform, you virtually don’t exist. In a real sense this is true. Sure, you may be comfortable with the work you get now, but there’s so much potential for growth. Social media is our key for unlocking your FULL potential.


SMM must be properly directed

Different people are drawn to different social media platforms. There are many more than you may realise. Leapfrog Media is familiar with all the popular ones and we understand the trends that surround each one. That’s why we are fully qualified to create a social media profile for you business on the platform most suited to your industry. We will help you make the most of social media marketing in Australia and across the globe.


Leapfrog Media has an SMM package for you

There are two social media packages available from Leapfrog Media. Our starter package will position you on the major platforms that are conducive to your industry. We will also update your profile on a weekly basis. Our advanced package entails multiple social media platforms to increase your interaction, your exposure and ultimately your sales. We handle all posts and interaction—but you’re welcome to get involved if you feel so inclined!


Statistics say that 4 out of 10 people who have liked, shared, or pinned any item on social media have purchased it online.

More than 7 out of 10 people make purchases after being referred by friends and connections on social media platforms.

A higher number of people say that their purchases and decisions to purchase a product are influenced by social media posts.

With such numbers, making use of these platforms are considered free advertising venues for any business aiming to close more sales, and bring home more profit. Leapfrog Media will guide you all the way, from the beginning to our end goal, and we hope to have a continuous and satisfying working relationship with you!


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