Social media presence is a vital component that contributes to the overall success and growth of a business in today’s highly modernized world.

Our advanced social media package has been specially created to address small to medium sized businesses’ needs. After having tried and tested the positive effects of efficient social media marketing on your overall sales and profit, it is time grasp better chances through our advanced package. If you want a bit more from your SMM presence, this is exactly what you need. Leapfrog Media has formulated a better, no-risk package for small to medium sized businesses that are now ready to invest more on their online marketing strategies.

Our Advanced Social Media Package includes more key marketing tactics and strategies using the most popular social media platforms. Our aim is to increase your online presence and bring you closer to millions of people who use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Through effective and attractive posts that will convince your potential customers to purchase your products, either online or in-store, we will be able to further increase your profits. Different survey results have shown that most people who use social media platforms purchase items that are advertised on the same platforms, liked and recommended by their friends and social network contacts. The more your company is seen on these platforms, the more sales conversions are seen in your records. You can expect regular reporting and a dedicated social media expert to take care of your business, so you are given more time to attend to other business needs.


When used with our advanced SEO package that targets 20 keywords and guarantees page 1 results within 6 months, Leapfrog Media’s SMM package for small to medium sized companies is a guaranteed win-win situation. The end result is your complete satisfaction.