Social media marketing is a vital and indispensable tool for any business today.

Without it, you are losing millions of potential customers who are ready to take a look at your products, hear positive reviews from their families and friends, and purchase items every single day. By not maximising the most popular social media platforms, you are completely detached from millions of people out there who are spending hours and hours on Facebook and Instagram. Leapfrog Media wants and aims to let you understand the importance and effectiveness of social media marketing, with the ultimate objective of helping you boost your online presence, and generate more sales either online or in store.

Our Social Media Starter Packages are designed to cater to the needs of start-up businesses that are just about to begin their journey. If you are looking to start your social media presence without taking any risk, then Leapfrog Media is here to help. We will begin our teamwork with an in depth analysis of your website and your business, so we can provide you with the most suitable strategy that will help us meet our end goal. Our guarantees are set based on our expertise in social media marketing, and our company’s objectives in achieving total customer satisfaction so you will want to come back and use our advanced services once your business gets bigger. We will use every post, and connect with the most number of potential customers as possible, in order to drive more traffic to your website, and convince each one to purchase your product over and over again!


We believe that there is much potential in any new business—with the right components and marketing, every post on Facebook and other social media sites will be converted into that much awaited sale!

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