15th December 2017

It can be quite an intimidating thought the idea of changing your entire marketing campaign to focus on an inbound approach. You may have read books on the subject, discussed it with friends and colleagues and agree that it’s a good idea, it’s just a case of making that jump. Well, here are five reasons why you should opt for inbound marketing.

  1. The written press is out of date

Most people read newspapers and magazines online. Classified adverts in newspapers are rarely seen as most people do searches online for any goods of services that they want. This means that you have wasted your money placing the advert as the audience has become so small and therefore your target market is hard hit.

A sensible alternative would be to advertise on Google or Facebook with the intention of driving traffic back to your own website where you can engage potential clients further.

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  1. Purchasing mailing lists is unreliable

In the past it was common practice to buy names and address and send out effectively “junk mail” to your perceived target audience. After this, it progressed to doing exactly the same with email addresses and most of the emails went into Junk. Any that did get read were largely ignored any way. Many lists that were sold were out of date so the process was flawed before it had even begun.

An alternative would be to create a newsletter that people subscribe to. You can then once engage with people who are interested in what you have to offer – your target market!

  1. Everyone hates cold calls

Everyone hates cold calls, from the people making the call to the one receiving it. The chances of catching someone who is actually interested are very slim and thanks to new caller displays many calls get ignored or blocked anyway. This is a lot of effort for little reward.

It is possible to offer Live Chats on your website or you could even have a request a Call button that would allow you to speak to the person at a more convenient time.

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  1. TV Advertising is expensive and fragmented

Advertising on TV is expensive and you always have the problem about which channel you should be advertising on. There are now so many different channels it is hard to decide which one would be the best option.

Why not make a high quality video that you can post on social media and hope it goes viral?

  1. It hard to monitor the results of traditional advertising

It is very hard to monitor how effective traditional marketing campaigns are. Do you know where you got that lead from? It is possible that you think something is working when in fact it is just by chance or word of mouth that you have had an increase in the number of calls that you have received.

The advantage with anything on the internet is that the result can be monitored and you have quantifiable information on which you can build future campaigns.