08th December 2017

It is a question that I get asked a lot, “What is a blog for?” and I am more than aware that many people find them boring or hard work. Blogs are time consuming, of that, there is little doubt, but they do serve a great purpose when it comes to promoting your website. After all, that is why you have a website, it is with a view to generating more leads and then as a consequence, more clients and more profit. Here are just a few reasons why you NEED to start blogging:

Blogger design

  1. Blogs drive traffic to your website

OK, blogs may not drive thousands of people to your site but hundreds is definitely possible. These are all people who potentially could become clients, many of whom may never have heard of you or your business in the past.

  1. A quality blog solves problems

Any good website will help you start to create buyer personas. This will mean that you will recognise the types of questions that these people search for in Google. You can therefore target your content marketing to these types of questions so you become the ‘go to’ place when people have problems that they need solving. This can be covered in various blogs, and your blogs then become a shop window for your skills.

  1. It will give your site authority

Google likes authority sites, sites where people look when they want to know something. One of the main things that Google looks for is the quality of your incoming links. These are basically links from other web pages or websites that link back to your content. This also creates a snowball effect as the greater authority your site has, the easier it is to get higher rankings on Google. Once again a blog could be helping to boost your site.

title BLOG made of letters from newspapers with pins on the wood

  1. They continue to receive hits long after they have been posted

Blogs remain on your site and will be picked up by Google even if they were written a long time ago. This means that they will continue to drive traffic to your site so basically, the more blogs you have, the more chance your site has of becoming classed as an authority.

  1. Get someone to do it for you!

We have established that writing blogs is time consuming, we are also aware that finding content can be difficult too, so why not pay a professional company to write and post the blogs on your behalf. This is something that is becoming increasingly common and it ensures that your content gets regularly updated – again something that Google likes and you then stand a greater chance of being classed as an authoritative site.

At Leapfrog Media, we have a great deal of experience in writing blogs and articles for our clients. We have covered a range of different subjects and know exactly what Google is looking for. We a range of packages to suit your individual needs and requirements. Please contact us for more details.