25th September 2017

One of the comments that we hear most is that businesses want to increase their conversion rate. That seems perfectly naturally but knowing where to begin can be a little bit more complex. One well known model that can be useful for improving your conversion rate, especially if you are an e-commerce site, is AIDA. Using this model can be helpful in understanding why your marketing is not translating into sales.

AIDA is certainly not a new idea as it dates back to 1898 when the acronym was used by E. St Elmo Lewis to explain the ‘funnel’ of potential clients. Basically, it explains why at every stage in the marketing process right through to the ‘close’, you will inevitably lose prospects along the way but this model helps you to reduce those numbers.

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Below we break down the AIDA process.


Any sales process must begin with making potential customers aware of your product or service. SEO can play a massive role in this by including specific keywords directly relating to your products or services on landing pages. This will help you to gain a higher ranking on the search engines – the starting point for most people when they begin looking for most things in life.

Of course, getting to people to click on your website is just the first part, from here you need to make your site easy to navigate and visually appealing. Make sure your website loads quickly and takes people directly to the product that they are searching for. Make things as easy as possible otherwise you will fail to grab their interest.


You only have a short window to grab a potential customers interest. Make sure that you get your strengths and benefits across quickly so that everyone knows why they should choose you over a competitor. Offer links to related products, quality advice and highlight the price. Put yourself in the position of the customer and consider what they would want and what they would be looking for. Again, it is vital that you make everything as easy as possible for your potential customer.


You would assume that your potential customers have a certain level of desire to begin the search in the first place. It now becomes your job to feed that desire and create a sense of urgency. Perhaps you could include reviews or offer limited time discounts to create a feeling that only this product will satisfy them and that they MUST purchase it now. Strike whilst the irons hot and don’t let these prospects slip through the net!


The final part of the process is naturally the most important, getting your prospects to take action and actually commit to a purchase. If we assume that you have satisfied all the points above, you then need to make your shopping cart easy to access, easy to follow. Think about anything that will make the process easier, do they want to register or would they prefer to be a guest, think about how the customer would think. This is your final chance to close the deal!

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