09th February 2018

If you run your own business you may be alarmed to know that a recent study conduct in the United Kingdom suggested that 27% of our working day is wasted. The study looked at 865 office workers and found that nearly all wasted time, either deliberately or by doing work that wasn’t necessary. In fact, failing to use experts and doing too much work yourself can lead to many bosses wasting significant portions of the working lives. Putting that into financial terms, it seems that $15,000 is wasted on each employ annually.

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The research showed that employees spent 122 minutes per day procrastinating in one form or another. It seems that employees effectively only work for 73% of the hours that they are employed to do and browsing on social media was one of the main causes. Employees spent 37 minutes a day on average looking at sites such as Facebook with 38% of office employees browsing social media more than any other website. In addition to this waste of time, they spent a further 33 minutes a day browsing other websites.

Other common areas for wasting time were 15 minutes making tea or coffee and 12 minutes using the toilet. These are pastimes that employees must do and this is not something that is questioned, however, 62% admitted that they spent longer doing these rituals mainly through boredom and to escape the daily office work and chat. On this note, employees spend 25 minutes each day chatting with colleagues about non-work related activities which often included chats once again about social media.

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Bosses don’t escape criticism either in a separate survey. Bosses tended to spend far too much time conducting menial tasks that could be performed by others or researching how to do jobs that would be better done by experts and professionals. Monitoring staff also resulted in wasted time as well as meetings about trivial matters. Pride and the effort to save money as well as cutting corners appears to be common practice but results is significant time being wasted although figures weren’t quoted.

SEO was one area that companies often preferred to do themselves and this was hugely inefficient. This is a subject that can be complex and error can be costly, not only in terms of time but also financially. It is maybe for this reason why more and more companies are seeing the error of their ways and employing experts and outsourcing in certain areas to increase efficiency within the workplace. False economies and pride are common causes of business failures in many western countries so avoid falling into this trap.

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