11th August 2017

The way that we search for products and services is constantly changing and evolving. It therefore seems perfectly natural that the way in which our websites are found is changing and evolving too. You don’t have to have extensive knowledge of SEO to realise that Google update their algorithms frequently in order to increase user satisfaction. After all, Google’s aim is to provide the best results for users searching for products or services, not direct them to sites that have used black-hat techniques to achieve higher rankings.

Understanding SEO

In order to get the most out of SEO it is important to understand how it works. We have all heard about keywords and key phrases and their importance but in reality, SEO is far more complex. As we said, Google is interested in encouraging people who are genuinely interested in your content to visit your site. You therefore need quality content that answers consumer’s questions and enriches their whole online experience. Your aim should be to get visitors to stay on your page as long as possible, getting a lower bounce rate, so as you can properly engage with them.

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Why is SEO important?

Unless you are very lucky, your chances of ranking highly on the major search engines without it is very slim. If you are a plumber for instance, you will probably be focused on a certain area rather than being nationwide. This where local SEO comes into play – ensuring that you listed, with links, in all the correct directories. You also need to use the right keywords, for example ‘emergency plumber in Melbourne’ rather than ‘plumber’. It is not about ticking boxes, it’s about help searchers get what they want.

Of course, one very important reason for doing SEO is because everyone else is doing it! Basically, if you don’t do it someone else will and this will inevitably mean that they rank higher than you. The consequences of this are obviously, they have a far greater chance of gaining the business than you do. Remember, Google algorithms are constantly changing so therefore you need to be constantly evolving too. The chances are, if you haven’t conduct any SEO in the last 12 months you won’t be meeting the new criteria and will be suffering the consequences.


Advertising via older mediums such as in local newspapers, handing out leaflets or relying on word of mouth won’t be enough these days. You need to seriously consider how much you spend on your SEO and perhaps increasing your budget to maximise your potential. Don’t let the competition take the lead, make sure you stay ahead of the competition.

At Leapfrog Media, we can assist you with all aspects of your SEO including organic SEO, social media marketing and Pay per Click (PPC). This will help you to stay ahead of your competitors and we offer a range of packages to suit your business and your budget. If you would like more information about our digital marketing and SEO options, please contact us for more details.