08th February 2018

I went to a networking event recently, not one of my favourite pastime but a necessary evil for most entrepreneurs. Obviously, the subject work and what we do came up in conversation and I was alarmed that several people didn’t know what SEO was or what it really entailed. Perhaps in my naivety, I had assumed that when people had said this to me in the past it was subtle way of telling me that they weren’t interested in employing our services!

To try and keep things as simple as possible, and forgive the rather basic terminology used if you understand SEO, but it really involves two main aspects. The first is arguably the most important but takes longer to achieve results and that is known as Organic SEO. The second is called Pay per Click (PPC) and achieves faster results but can be expensive in the long-term if it the only form of SEO that you adopt. Most businesses want fast results so a combination is, in most cases, the suggested course of action.

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Organic SEO is the “food and drink” of the SEO. This is what will reap the long-term benefits and will see your site ranking higher on Google naturally. Often it involves rewriting content to include keywords and keyphrases, adding new content and building high quality backlinks – the road network to your site. This takes time to do as well as taking time for the full effects to be recognised by Google. This is lasting work and although it needs updating from time to time, it is essential to creating a high-standard website. This is an area that should NOT be avoided.

PPC, on the other hand, will get recognised as soon as you start to pay. It includes things such as Google AdWords and Facebook marketing. The key is selecting the right keywords and not being too broad or vague. It is worth spending time on this and not cutting any corners. Planning is key to a successful campaign and will save you money. Explore different avenues and platforms, be creative and update content regularly. Make sure you monitor the results and tweak your campaigns to get the best value for money. Long-term, this is expensive so bear this mind.

As mentioned, a combination of strategies is recommended. No professional SEO will take a single approach and they will appreciate that cashflow is vital. If someone tries to push you down a route you aren’t comfortable with, avoid them! Don’t be frightened to ask questions and admit when you don’t fully understand things.

At Leapfrog Media, we can assist you with all aspects of promoting your website and offer a variety of packages to suit your individual needs and requirements. This includes Organic and PPC campaigns and really getting the best out of your website. We take time to understand your goals and objectives and help you to achieve the results that you deserve. Please contact us for more details.