19th May 2017

It is something that we hear our clients say quite often, they feel that they are “doing OK” or “ticking over” but they are always looking at ways to get new business. Some of these clients are more open than others to our suggestions whilst others feel like they have heard it all before. After all, what we are suggesting is not rocket science or reinventing the wheel, it is fact. The problem is that many people have promised to deliver and failed so clients or our prospective clients are sceptical.

You probably already know what we are going to say – you need to be visible on all the major search engines and have a significant online presence. Without this, your website, I am sorry to say is pretty much useless and for aesthetic purposes only. To do this you need to do some SEO to target your ideal audience so you need to put some serious thought into determining who they are as targeting these people will be what takes you to the next level.

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Once we know your target audience we can work with you to choose the best keywords and keyphrases. These will be central to both your organic SEO and your Pay per Click (PPC) SEO – more on these later. When choosing your keywords, we will try and be as specific as we possibly can such as “emergency plumber in Sydney” rather than just “plumber”. This will mean that you are more likely to reach your desired audience and it will be cheaper!

So, what is organic SEO and PPC? Organic SEO is the hard graft that needs to be done to achieve long-lasting results. This includes onsite work like including your keywords in your text and building quality links to your site. The results can take time but are needed if you are serious about developing your business and growing your client base.


PPC on the other hand is the ‘quick fix’ answer. This will involve using social media and Google AdWords. It can be costly but as soon as you start paying you will start to see the benefits. Conversely, when you stop paying those benefits will disappear. Remember that whenever some clicks on your PPC links, it costs you money and there is no guarantee that you will gain any new clients – just more traffic to your website.

Both of these forms of SEO can be timing consuming and take you away from your real purpose. It is for this reason that most people employ a professional company to do this work on their behalf. We recommend adopting both strategies to gain the optimum results and help with cashflow. SEO can be expensive but the results are there to be seen.

At Leapfrog Media, we can assist you with all aspects of promoting your website and this includes both organic SEO and PPC. We offer a variety of packages to suit your business’ needs and requirements. If you would like more information about our SEO services, please contact us for more details.