09th February 2018

Many businesses and indeed SEO companies for that matter are nervous about online reviews. This is understandable as they can leave you wide open to online abuse and trolling from people who maybe haven’t bought your products or services in the first place. The problem is, many online users still pay a lot of attention to what others say as well as being more than happy to write genuine reviews of their own. It is therefore important that you have space on your site for users to post a review.

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As more and more companies and individuals have websites of their own, the mistrust of the internet grows. How do we know that the site we are visiting isn’t a scam created by a clever marketing agency in the backstreets of some unknown city, miles away from where the site claims to be based? This is where genuine reviews play a part, they help build trust, they help people to believe that you are who you say you are.

A recent study found that ecommerce websites with customer reviews had 20% higher sales figures than a company that didn’t operating in the same industry. The study suggested that the reason for this was because online users can’t try your product or service before they buy it so therefore place a lot of weight on the opinion of others. The study suggested that reviews can act as an alternative to the kinaesthetic experience that you would get from a ‘real’ shop. This provides peace of mind and helps move the new customer through the buying cycle.

SEM websites that proactively seek customers reviews and publish them regardless of if they are positive or negative rank higher on search engines. This is because the latest updates to the algorithms used by the search engines puts more emphasis on what customers are saying about a website and its products, rather than just relying on what the website says itself. Removing negative feedback should be avoided as this adds authenticity rather than having a site that always receives 5-star rating. Just remember, it is important to be seen to be responding to any criticism in a professional and appropriate manner.

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Sites that have greater customer interaction are recognised by Google so this will certainly help with your organic SEO. The more interaction you have, the busier your site will appear – not only to Google but also to the general public. This will once again give a positive impression of your business and your website. Reviews really do have so many advantages for you and your business so wouldn’t it be a good idea to include them on your site?

At Leapfrog Media, we can assist you with all aspects of promoting your website and offer a variety of packages to suit your individual needs and requirements. We can add review pages to your site if you don’t include them already as well as make any other additions and amendments that you may wish. Please contact us for more details.