We value your business as much as we value ours, and this is the reason why our team of experts are just as excited as you are to see your business grow and succeed with our professional Internet marketing solutions.


With over 20 years of experience in providing expert SEO services, our team is dedicated to helping our clients, local and international to expand their customer base through effective SEO services, PPC management, and SMM strategies and implementation. We offer the highest quality of online marketing that is ethical and always following Google’s best practice.

Teamwork and Dedication

For over two decades of finding the best solutions to particular needs, each individual in our team has learned to apply the most effective tactics and strategies to different websites and businesses. Leapfrog Media has gathered these experienced and devoted individuals together. Their mission is to bring affordable and effective internet marketing services to you.

It takes a mixture of skill and talent to make Leapfrog Media work. So how does this teamwork ultimately benefit you and your business? Well, allow us to introduce you to our four departments and show you how each one works to elevate your brand.


Web developers

These are the creative minds behind the visual aspect of your website. But more than making your site look good, they also ensure that it’s user-friendly. Too many users leave a website because it takes them too long to find a solution. Navigation is an essential part of keeping users on your site and providing them with the ANSWER they came for.


Content marketers and copywriters

Our content writers work together with the creative team to bring across the right message for your brand. If your website needs new content, our writers will optimise it for search engines. They’ll also create content that keeps your users hooked and interested in your offers. But at the heart of content marketing is the ability to develop a content STRATEGY. This includes blogging, remote landing pages, social media posts and white hat link building.


Social media experts

Leapfrog Media is one of the most effective and affordable SMM companies in Australia. That’s because we have a dynamic team of dedicated social media experts who eat, sleep and breathe corporate social platforms. Each of these individuals knows which social media platforms are suitable to your industry. They also know how to develop your reputation on those platforms and how to generate a snowball effect of word-of-mouth advertising.


SEO strategists

Our SEO managers bring all these components together. They are the ones who sit with you and develop meaningful strategies. They then implement those strategies by delegating work to all our other teams. The individuals in our SEO strategy team also watch the numbers very carefully. If there’s a trend that’s affecting your rank, they’ll pick it up. So give us a call or email us here.